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Channelled messages from a higher realm

We are living in unsettling and changing times and I feel it is time that I share some of the messages I have channelled. They are always comforting, reassuring and uplifting.

I see the Archangels as a frequency. When I connect with them, I feel their specific energy.

A message from Archangel Gabriel - channelled in October 2020

I channelled this message as homework for my training in Angelic energies in October 2020. I was asked to bring a message through from Archangel Gabriel.

"Be gentle with yourselves in this time of transition.
Sit quietly at the centre of the storm and let it spin around you. You are safe.
There is no need to get wrapped up in detail.
Be aware of your inner strength and the support available to you from spirit.
Dance to life’s tunes. Allow the river to hold you and take you forward.
There is only good waiting for you.
You choose the beauty of your future.
Watch as the earth is surrounded by divine light. See the sparkling, shimmering light awaken the planet and all who live on her now.
Imagine how these times of confusion are a springboard to light.

Busy yourself with love rather than things. Connection with love is the most important role you have.
Send that love deep into Mother Earth that you may be connected by love.
Your roots, your connection are love, divine love.
It must be cultivated.
Be love"

A message from Archangel Haniel channelled in October 2021

Be confident you have angels at your back, you are not alone.
The feelings of isolation you feel are illusionary. They build up over years, compounded by the people around us and the families we choose.
This is not at all the case.
You know by now how much that is going on is invisible to human eyes. You know that what you see is an illusion in many ways.
Take this moment in history, where upheaval in the outer world is so intense, to really witness the truth of our connection to the spirit world, and also our connection to each other. Remember the interconnectedness of all that surrounds you. Have trust in that as a reality.
Stay safe in your centre line, your connection up and down, up to Spirit and down into the core of the Earth, but also spread the wings of your heart out to reach out into the world and spread that love.
Connect to the world through your heart. The mind only causes separation.
That is where the anxiety lies, the fear. There is no fear in connection, only in separation.
Know you are loved by us in the spirit realm, the angels are showering you all in golden light.

A message from Archangel Raphael channelled in October 2021

Stay centred in your body, stay centred in your heart.
All right action flows from the heart.
If you are ever in any doubt about the right next step to take, know that we angels are in your heart, helping you decipher the complexity of decision making, by purifying and simplifying.
Call on me to keep things clear and pure in your mind, by sitting with the question in your heart.

The world is changing fast. It is spinning and bringing energy to the surface to be healed.
Trust that that process is happening, however messy it may seem right now.
Practise sitting in your heart space. See the world through eyes of love. The vision you have can change what you see .

Great healing comes in small steps. Never feel disheartened by what appears to be slow progress.
We are walking with you. Side by side. Hand in hand. Our wings around you, guiding you forward.

Regularly put your attention into your toes, bring yourself fully into your body.
You are safest when you are embodied, strongest when you feel yourself in your feet.

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