Abigail Caller MNFSH MRSS Energy Therapist and Healer

The way I work

I have been working with energy for over twenty years, initially as a Shiatsu practitioner. I am a qualified Reiki practitioner and a registered Healer member of The Healing Trust.

I work intuitively, guided to channel healing energy, using a combination of Spiritual Healing and Reiki with elements of Shiatsu theory. I work with my hands away from the body, starting and finishing the session with touch, usually foot massage.

I am able to sense the pattern of energy in the body. When I work physically closer to the body, I am working with that pattern to release blocks, strengthen areas of depletion and encourage a better flow of energy. This brings more balance to the body’s energy and therefore improves our well-being, physically and emotionally.

I also work further away from the body, where I am guided to work within the energy field, bringing in healing at a deeper level, creating space for release, change and growth.

I am developing the ability to remove unwanted aspects from my clients’ energy fields. These are shown to me as images which I can dissolve or remove.
I am being given tools such as sewing with golden thread to bring the energy together where there should not be a gap and I am developing ways to remove energy that is no longer needed, so that it can be transmuted into love and light by my spirit helpers.

The process of healing is a joint one. The impetus and intention come from you. My role is to direct the channelled universal energy, to connect with that intention in you, connect with the highest vibration and for the two to meet. I am the conduit for the energy and the connector – one way that spirit can help you move into a higher vibration.

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The experience brings a profound sense of peace, lightness and clarity.

This energy work complements conventional medicine, psychotherapy or counselling.

If you want to make a shift and need a little help, do get in touch.

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