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Sound and Energy Therapy

In 2015, Alicia Davies and I began working together to create Sound and Energy Therapy.
It is a new way of working that combines the force of sound and vibration with my established healing techniques. It uses sound frequencies from gongs and focused intention to allow imbalances in the person’s energy field to be restored to harmony.

Sound and Energy Therapy. tree dappled light

As with all healing modalities, there is a collaboration between healer and recipient: nothing is imposed. The very act of showing up for healing prepares the body to allow this process to take place. Combined with the intention of the healers, it creates a powerful impulse towards wellbeing.
Being present and giving healing while the sounds of the gongs are vibrating through our bodies, energy fields and in the healing space is an intense and beautiful collaborative experience.
The raised vibration makes space for a deeper connection to our healing potential and allows people to more quickly enter into a state where deep healing and transformation is possible.
The vibration in the room is so powerful that there is more energy to tap into. It allows me, the healer, to be more attuned to intuitive guidance and more immersed in the channelling process. It opens us all up, so that the energy can work more profoundly.

As Alicia puts it:
“Working alongside an energy healer is like having a Quantum technician guiding the person’s energy towards a state of optimum balance.
Abigail’s calm presence creates a tangible feeling of being tapped into Source. There’s no doubt that our joint intentions combine to create a healing force that is more than double the strength of each of us alone: and yet the sessions are soothing and calming to the recipient.
I feel that Abigail picks up and responds to the movement in energy caused by the sound of the gong as it travels through the person’s body. At the same time, we both receive powerful energetic attunements through the action of helping someone else.”
“Two powerful healing modalities equals one mighty force for well-being.”
For more information about Alicia’s work, visit https://www.earthsongsoundhealing.com/

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